Old Bricks.
Faith In People.
Preserving Community.

Clinton Housing Development Company (CHDC) is a not-for-profit community-based organization founded in 1973, dedicated to building community by preserving and creating high quality, permanently affordable housing in Clinton/Hell's Kitchen. We integrate community, cultural, and green spaces into developments and provide consulting services for larger community initiatives.

What We Do

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Affordable Hell's

CHDC develops affordable housing for households with a wide range of incomes in the Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods, as well as affordable retail and not-for-profit space.

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MWS Community Planning

CHDC supports the historic Middle West Side (MWS) by providing technical assistance in planning and development for the future.

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CHDC builds community in Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea by developing green spaces, organizing tenant activities, and supporting and managing community efforts and events.

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Clinton/Hell's Kitchen Studios

CHDC creates and manages affordable spaces for artists, performers, and musicians to support and expand cultural activities in the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen community.

The Neighborhoods
We Serve

Running from the Hudson River to 6th Ave from West 14th to West 26th Streets and to 8th Ave from West 26th to West 59th Streets, CHDC serves the Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods on the west side of Manhattan.

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Paddy's Market Historic District

CHDC proposed to nominate Paddy's Market, a stretch of Ninth Avenue that was once one of the best-known pushcart markets in Manhattan, to be listed as a historic district on the State and National Register of Historic Places in 2020-2021. The National Park Service designated the District in April 2022. The Historic District includes nine block fronts on either side of Ninth Avenue between West 35th and West 40th Streets and portions of surrounding blocks.

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Affordable Hell's Kitchen

CHDC's affordable rental and co-op housing, retail and not-for-profit spaces Developed to Date in detail, and upcoming In Development projects in various phases of design and construction.

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Middle West Side Planning

CHDC works to preserve, protect, and plan for the Middle West Side by supporting: Technical Assistance, Urban Planning Studies, Site Planning, Open Space Planning. Explore our work here.

Future of Middle West Side
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Greening Hell's Kitchen

CHDC develops public and sidewalk gardens, plants trees, and works with other organizations to expand existing green resources block by block along the west side of Manhattan.

Open Space Design & Development
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