What We Do

CHDC is committed to protecting and supporting the Clinton/Hell's Kitchen community, drawing upon decades of experience working in the neighborhood. Our projects focus on affordable housing development and management, community preservation and development, horticultural services, and the development of cultural facilities.

Photo of building for Affordable HK.

Icon of a building. Affordable Hell's Kitchen

CHDC develops affordable housing for households with a wide range of incomes in the Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea neighborhoods, as well as affordable retail and not-for-profit space.

Photo of building for MWS Community Planning.

Icon of a building. MWS Community Planning

CHDC supports the historic Middle West Side (MWS) by providing technical assistance in planning and development for the future.

Photo of a child for Cultivate.

Icon of a leaf illustration. Cultivate HK

CHDC builds community in Clinton/Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea by developing green spaces, organizing tenant activities, and supporting and managing community efforts and events.

Photo of an artist for CHK Studios.

Icon of a studio. Clinton/Hell's Kitchen Studios

CHDC creates and manages affordable spaces for artists, performers, and musicians to support and expand cultural activities in the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen community.


CHDC works on projects in varying stages of development including both new construction and renovation projects. We partner with the City of New York and private developers to ensure construction of high quality, supportive and low- to middle-income affordable housing. Projects range from affordable housing that includes community gathering spaces, beautiful gardens, and commercial spaces to cultural and community facilities. Our goal is to respect the neighborhood's character and continue to foster its unique cultural, age and economic diversity.

Projects in Development